From the Roof of the World to the Land of Enchantment
By Marcia Keegan

Roof Of The World


Overview of the Striking similarities in two peoples from opposite sides of the worlds, both of whose cultures teach us we must learn to live in peace with each other and in harmony with nature .in a sustainable manner.




  • Chapter One: Dalai Lama Meets Hopi Elders
    Los Angeles 1979
    Culmination of prophecies
  • Chapter Two: Similarities in Landscape and Living Space
    Landscape in general: overview of mountains, elevation, etc.
    Ancient architecture
    Modern architecture
  • Chapter Three: Similarities in Culture & Customs
    Similar in appearance: portraits
    Similar use of turquoise, silver and coral as well as bright woven cloth
    Similar agriculture
    Similar daily customs: throwing rice/corn 4 directions, etc.
    Similar important animals: sacred (yak/buffalo) and livestock (sheep)
    Similar spinning and weaving
    Similar woven objects & yarn items
    Similar use of feathers and deer antlers
    Language similarities
  • Chapter Four: Similarities in Religion & Symbols
    Similarities in creation stories
    Sacred Mountains
    Physical similarities in elevation, location and effect on weather and
    climate of surrounding lands, encircled mountains, 4 sacred directions
    Energy—lightning, wind, ley lines, light
    Natural environmentalism: harmony with nature, dependence on nature
    Similarity of prophecies
    Description of prophecies
    Conditional nature of prophecies (environmental & warfare)
    Prophecy Rock (Hopi)
    Understanding of Death
    Shalako and Tibetan Book of the Dead—49 days
    Conch shell
    Marks on babies
    Rock art
    Mandalas/Sand Paintings
    Significance of the cardinal directions: east, south, west, north
  • Meetings: Two similar worlds come together
    Other visits of His Holiness
    Bon Master
    Gomang Rinpoche Hopi 1976
    Santa Fe Indian School student exchange with Tibetan Children’s Village.
    Taos Elder dialog
  • Epilogue
    Summary of striking similarities from opposite sides of the world
    All mankind must learn to live in peace with each other and in harmony
    with nature

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