We are seeking funds for the completion of “From the Roof of the World to the Land of Enchantment; Similarities of the Tibetan People and Indians of the Southwest” as follows:

  1. Text of similarities Approximately 30,000 words (Completed)
  2. Photography of Similarities 300 images (Completed)
  3. Editorial Final edits                                                                                $ 3,000
  4. Selection and High resolution scanning of final images 100         $ 3,000
  5. Book design and composition and typesetting for printer             $ 5,000
  6. Printing and delivery of 1,500 books FOB Santa Fe                        $15,000
  7. Exhibit framing & crating 50 images                                                  $ 5,000
  8. Exhibit & Book promotion                                                                    $ 5,000

Total                                                                                                               $36,000

Contributions toward the production, printing and Exhibit for the book may be made through the Knowing Foundation  a 501c3 supporting the Intersection of Art, Literacy and Media.

To contribute towards this book please click on:

For additional information please contact Harmon Houghton harmon@knowingfoundation.org

Thank you