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Literacy throughout history has been a progression of technology disseminating knowledge from one generation to the next.

Starting with the “word” which represents the first sense of sacredness in every culture:

  • to the oral transmission of knowledge.
  • to the development of an alphabet.
  • to the discovery of papyrus and scribes.
  • to the discovery of a wooden block to imprint and image.
  • to the invention of the Guttenberg press.
  • to the development of lithography.
  • to the development of broadcasting voice.
  • to the development of visual broadcasting.
  • to the digital transmission of data.
  • to the development of the internet.
  • to the development of social media and the cloud.

As each process of discovery and technology has broadened the reach of the collective knowledge and wisdom of our human society, one element has remained the same.



Communication & Dissemination of Knowledge