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Individuals may submit projects for funding to the knowing foundation along with a detailed requirement of funds and their use along with a deliverable project  in accordance with our established criteria.

The Knowing foundation will develop a project for funding from its general fund or specific donors to support the project.

Upon funding a project a secured line of credit will be established in the recipient’s name at their local bank with a maturity date to be proscribed within the individual’s proposal and drawn as project milestones are met.

Funded projects must be submitted complete with an agreed upon time framework and submitted to the Knowing Foundation for publication and distribution via the Affinity Media Network that will receive non-exclusive marketing and distribution rights for the project. The individual will retain all copyrights to the work.

Upon submission of the project, the Knowing Foundation will submit it for commercialization to its affiliated organization, Affinity Media Network, for publicity, distribution and commercialization in support the artists or creators of the work. (please look at

The Affinity Media Network will publish and distribute the work through its media sites to include Broadcasting, Social Media and E-commerce and will distribute the net project revenue the as follows:

  1. 30% Project awardee.
  2. 30% Knowing Foundation for its general fund.
  3. 30% Affinity Media Network for its platform fee.
  4. 10% Social Media Platform Community Awards program.
  5. 1% of all net Affinity Media Sales will be contributed to the Knowing Foundation granting program.

Please contact us for additional information at