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Supporting the intersection of Art, Literacy & Media

The Knowing Foundation has been founded to provide support for emerging and established artists, authors & media creators to publish and distribute their works.

The selection process for individual artists and projects is that they are based on culturally sensitive subjects that enhance the world we live in with positive statements, maintain the wisdom of the elders and educate individuals with the skillful means to provide for themselves and those around them.

Donor Benefits:

  • Tax deductible contributions to literacy projects.
  • Support individual artists and authors & media creators in the production of relevant content.
  • Recognition as donor for individual projects, communication with artist and deliverable gifts.
  • Assured production and distribution of content through Affinity Media Network.
  • Preferred membership and discounts at Affinity Media Network web sites.

Artist Benefits:

  • Granting programs to create projects.
  • Contact with supporters of the artist’s work.
  • Assured distribution of completed content through Affinity Media Network.
  • Retention of copyrights to independently promote and market their work.
  • Revenue from sales of content through Affinity Media Network.

Knowing Foundation Benefits:

  • Fund projects in support of literacy programs in the arts, books, cultural validation, lifestyle support, and skillful means.
  • Support artists, authors, educators and media creators with financial support.
  • Develop educational content for mobi platforms and millennial technologies.
  • Generate revenue stream to self- fund projects.
  • Support affinity groups with relevant content, social interaction, and e-commerce revenue.

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